Partnership backed by talent, technology and relationships.

Salesmart Oy was founded in 2003 in Helsinki, Finland. Over the years we have grown to become the trusted partner and #1 choice also to international brand owners thanks to our motivated sales team.

Partnership & results

Co-operation with Salesmart is based on a common set of objectives, regular sales reviews and mutual business development meetings. By growing the sales of our principals year after year, we have established our position as the leading field sales company in Finland.

100 % commitment to every assignment

To be able to successfully work with well known brand owners for several years shows that Salesmart is a trustworthy partner. We highly value our sales personnel and they are always committed to our principals and their goals.

Local market expertise

Nationwide field sales is Salesmart's original core competency. Our roots are deep in the Finnish culture and trade. We continue to help our principals and retailers find ways to increase their sales during every sales visit.


The reputation of Salesmart relies on the results of our sales teams. Learn more about how our values, services and most importantly, people are pioneering ways of successfully accelerating sales.


Trust is the foundation for every co-operation.